Happy Tails

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March 15, 2014

Dear THS Staff,

I adopted Chantel (a stray dog transferred to THS from Kawartha Lakes), now Gracie, two and a half years ago in October 2011. The day I went to the THS, I was there to specifically see a purebred chocolate Lab named Ranmaru. Upon arriving, a staff member advised me that Ranmaru needed a very experienced owner and after seeing him, I realized he was not the dog for me. Disappointed, I decided to view the adoptable dogs anyway, and that is when I stumbled upon Gracie. She was curled up on the floor in a little ball and she didn’t even lift her head when I peered into the kennel. When the lady brought Gracie into the meeting area, she immediately flopped on her back and looked up at me with the sweetest face I’ve ever seen –she was a totally different dog outside of those walls – sweet, gentle and docile – I knew she was the one for me!

Since that day, Gracie has not left my side – she is my shadow and a real “under the foot” kind of dog. Her favourite things include daily walks through Sherwood Park Ravine, chasing squirrels, running like the wind after remote controlled cars, jumping on the back of toboggans to ride down the hill, and flopping on her back for tummy rubs. Gracie has many admirers; people are always stopping us on the street to comment on how cute she is, saying that she either looks like a puppy or that she looks like a sweet senior dog.
I believe that Gracie knows that she is lucky to have been rescued, but really, I am the lucky one. I’ve been blessed with the most gentle and laid back dog who is my constant companion and friend.

Thank you THS Staff for taking such good care of my sweet girl and for your help throughout the foster and adoption process.

Isobel Osborne